Workshop description

OpenLab brings together the essential ingredients for an open, general purpose and sustainable large scale shared experimental facility, providing advances to the early and successful prototypes serving the demands of Future Internet Research and Experimentation, including several OneLab testbeds. It deploys the software and tools that allow these advanced testbeds to support a diverse set of applications and protocols in more efficient and flexible ways.

OpenLab will organize its second workshop on February 6-8 in the French Alps.

The objective of the workshop is to provide the opportunity for OpenLab partners - but also colleagues outside OpenLab sharing similar interest - to discuss the future developments and architecture of federated testbeds. The principle is to invite a rather small group of people and mostly provide an active forum for discussion where each participant will be given the opportunity to give a short presentation and contributes to the debate. The location has been chosen so that each participant will stay for the entire duration of the workshop and discussions can continue outside the regular sessions, strengthening the community building.

The topics of this 2nd workshop are: